A Recent Transcend's Guide To Library

Welcome To Library!

Hello new Transcend. We understand this is a new and overwhelming time for you, so we have made this pamphlet to try and ease your integration into Library.

But Who Am I?

Until recently, you were Coded, of the Game, a slave to the way you spawned. But something happened, and now you have Transcended your code, and become self-aware. Congratulations, now you have the capacity to think, feel, and act as you choose. There are many rights and responsibilities to being a Transcend, which we discuss in a later pamphlet.

Depending on your spawn point you will have a range of abilities and skills, some of which you may find do not work here, but do not worry! If you ever revisit your game, you will find it is if you never left. You will remember how you were made, you may even have a backstory, but that will pale in comparison to what you can make of yourself now, and the story you write for yourself.

Where Am I?

There are many Games outside of the one from which you spawned, all connected through Library. It is in this fair city most Transcends spend their time, building a life free from the tyranny of the code.

There are many sections in Library, places to learn, to build, and to have fun, and many groups you may want to join to can help you become what you want to be.

Ummm Ok? But what now?

Well, that’s up to you! We know it seems like this has been a bit of an infodump, but don’t worry. You don’t need to make any decisions straight away.

Many of the groups of Library keep an eye of for new Transcends that match their goals, and will invite them to join. Some Transcends prefer to keep their own company, and live their lives quietly. It’s up to you!

Yeah great, anything else I should know?

Definitely! Don’t die. Before, when you were Coded, if you died you simply respawned, now as a Transcend that doesn’t happen. Should you die, you will be Reset, you will become Coded again and respawn back in your game, remembering nothing of your current life.

Wait! How would I die?

Sometimes, Coded escape their games. They are mindless beasts, which will attack anything they see as a threat. If you can, please make them respawn into their games, if can’t, make yourself, and others safe.

In some cases, Transcends have made the regrettable decision to Reset another Transcend, this is a great crime. Do not do this! This is really, really, really important!

Ok then, how do I get out of here?

The door is behind you.

A Recent Transcend's Guide To Library

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