The Contents of the Datapad

I need to settle my thoughts. I killed myself today. It sounds silly, but I looked myself in the eyes and pulled the trigger.

She was telling me about her life, what she had accomplished since she transcended, and it horrified me. She wanted to use me to further her own goals, and I could see I would be nothing but a tool for her.

There was a witness, a custodian of sorts. I tried to talk to him, but I couldn’t understand him. I couldn’t risk it.

With the other me gone, I could step into her life, take her power, but know one could know. My induction consultant would have to go missing as well.

I hacked the security feed to hide everything.

Hopefully I’ll have time to learn what I need to.

I’ve tried to maintain the same routine as the other me to avoid suspicion, but by doing so I think I may have done the opposite.

The woman making the coffee looked at me too long today, what does she know?

The coffee woman, Laura, confronted me today. She wants me to buy her silence. I threatened her instead, I need to find out where she lives, and deal with her.

If they find out I’m not one of the first generation, I’ll become a slave instead of a master, if they let me live at all.

She must of suspected something, she had left her home, but I’ve taken a picture from her place. The, I guess, man in the photos appears most often. He may know where she is hiding.

I’ve been reading all of other-me’s correspondence, and her files. I need to stay on the right side of this, if they suspect that I’m not her I’m as good as dead.

They know, I’m sure of it. The police say they are looking for the missing transcends, but they’re here for me. I’ve refused to meet them. I need to find Laura. With her I can save myself and discredit her.

Luckily for me the “private security force” are paid enough not to question orders. They have Laura. I’ll meet them at the warehouse and then this can all be over. I just hope the device will work on her.

The rest of the files on this datapad are encrypted. I have forwarded them to the decryption unit as well. We’ll let you know what we find.

—Technician Taylor

The Contents of the Datapad

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