The Phase Trio

The Phase Trio

The day that Raiden transcended was not a happy one. He lay waste to his gameworld, and then left wandering the world of Library trying to find purposed in this new place.

Max’s was similarly traumatising. He was lucky enough to transcend at the same time as his friend Sam. Unfortunately, shortly after, they were attacked. Max ran, leaving Sam to be killed. Having always been the sidekick he was at a loss at what to do next, but vowed that he would always be a Faithful Companion from then on.

One of his first stops was to a medium, trying to talk to his dead friend. But the medium summoned the wrong ghost, and so Max was introduced to Inky. A ghost on a mission. After giving Max a shoulder to cry on, Inky learned that the world believed that she, and her family, were the bad-guys, of their gameworld. Even though they were only trying to save their home from a seemingly unstoppable eating machine. She realised that she needed to share the truth.

Proselytizing did not make her any friends though, and with a Pac-Man being one of the ruling First Generation, the inhabitants of Library started turning against her. Being Incorporeal, Inky was unable to defend herself with any efficacy, and one day, she got in over her head. Surrounded by a mob of Luigis, things looked dark for Inky. Suddenly from nowhere a Godlike Protector swooped in, and with a display of raw power, Raiden dispersed the mob. Raiden felt useful for the first time since leaving his gameworld, and he wondered if he had something to offer Library

Max, who had been living more and more Recklessly, by drinking, gambling, and living only for today, witnessed this awesome power and vowed to turn his life around.

While this was going on, out on the fringe Heavy was on a routine mission. It was taking him near Polygone, a dangerous area, where the entrance of many unfinished games could be found. Melville had recently escaped from his game, he had Glitched when combining a pineapple and a rubber chicken, and found himself outside of his game for the first time. Melville was nearby when a group of Codeds were being taken out by Heavy and the Crimson Corps. Heavy’s commanding officer ordered him to attack and kill Melville. Heavy refused to kill a Transcend that wasn’t attacking him, proving himself to be a Moral Mercenary.

Heavy lay down suppressing fire while he and Melville tried to escape, he has always viewed Guns as the First Solution. They had escaped temporarily, but Heavy was super conspicuous. Melville picked up everything not nailed down and was able to fashion a disguise for the former mercenary, and they were able to escape to the city.

Melville, reverting to what he knew, setup himself up as a private detective. He was dealing with a particularly difficult case when he bumped into Raiden, using his Wisdom of the Gods Raiden pointed out that Melville normally Likes Impractical Solutions, and that maybe he should simplify. With this advice, they were able to solve the case. This high profile case brought the gaze of the First Generation upon them. They were offered the opportunity to create the first Next Generation special task force. They agreed, and Melville recruited Heavy straight away.

Inky and Max and had kept in touch. One day, while walking and chatting, Inky realised that she had floated off the edge of a building. Max was happily chatting away, unaware. As soon she pointed this out Max’s Cartoon Physics asserted themselves, and he fell, flattening himself on the pavement below.

In an effort to make himself feel better, Max found his way to the nearest bar. He sat down next to a giant man and ordered himself a drink. Down in the cups Max started venting to his new bar friend. Heavy listened, and after Max’s story he clapped his on the back saying “I like you Little Bunny. Do, or Do Not, there are no answers in you past”. The Binary Thinking of Heavy spoke to Max, and while Heavy told him about his new Job, Max made some decisions.

Inky followed Max to make sure that he was OK. Seeing Heavy talk Max through it piqued her interest and she started following Heavy. Seeing him train, and help his new teammates Inky remembers that she used to be part of a team, of a family, and she realises that at her heart she is a Team Player. She approached Heavy, asking if there was any space on special forces for her.

The Phase Trio

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